1 year ago on 12 November 2012 @ 6:24pm
I got a dracowymsy egg :O are they really rare or something?

Yes and No.

They are rare enough that if you get one, it be a while before you get another (unless you are breeding them) and common enough since they can breed.

1 year ago on 31 October 2012 @ 9:29pm
how to play this

Obtain eggs, hatch them and complete the dex.

Enter hunts, races, explorations and anything the site holds. 

1 year ago on 15 October 2012 @ 8:01pm + 1 note
what does a lapras egg look like

A blue egg with a tan blotch on the bottom. The blue part has a few small spots. It’s a bit difficult to lift up.

Hope this helps

2 years ago on 30 July 2012 @ 11:52am + 603 notes
via sebastiannox (originally kodakumi)

Fools set the rules in this world. Just take a look around. It’s undeniable.

2 years ago on 23 July 2012 @ 11:30pm
hi! i was wondering if this blog is still active?

Well, once I get a break from uni and stuff, then it should be soon.

3 years ago on 4 September 2011 @ 7:22pm
Er, you do realize that GPXPlus REALLY doesn't like it when you have egg spoilers, right? They go to great lengths to remove such things since it's against their TOS.

I do and it hasn’t stopped a lot of sites doing it though.

3 years ago on 1 September 2011 @ 12:05pm + 4 notes

#490 Manaphy

Egg Description:
A transparent blue egg with many yellow spots and a red centre. It is frequently illustrated in books and said to be from the bottom of the sea.

Egg Image:

Other Information:
Fourth Generation; Rarity: Very Rare; Colour: Blue; Egg Groups: Water 1, Fairy; Find a Tiny Egg